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doc Update documentation to reflect proper fps. Oct 7, 2012


LEd Wall Daemon (lewd)

Written in Python, supports the following features: - Three interfaces: LedScreen (local access), RemoteLedScreen (networked /

remote) and VirtualLedScreen, for local prototyping without the wall.
  • Features a nice and simple API, the network protocol is also very simple.
  • Some nice animations
  • Tools to display images, with sub-pixel rendering
  • Automatic gamma correction
  • High FPS possible (>100fps)
  • Some documentation is in place

TODO: - Implement some kind of game api. - Possibly speed up the code a bit with numpy - Wrote more documentation - Write a frontend that makes it easy to set up the ledwall

Future ideas: - Music visualisation on the LEDs. - Middleware for more noob friendly API. (Pushing XML, JSON, etc) - Networking (WebSockets, etc)

Future future: - Maemo 5 application? - Web interface for switching animations (probably using websockets to

communicate to middleware)
  • Web interface to actually control leds as well (websockets, perhaps something nice interactive can be done using canvas as well)