Some AppleScript and LaunchDaemon config to monitor iTunes open connections
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An AppleScript and a LaunchDaemon config to monitor iTunes open connections.

Background With the launch of AppleTV3 problems arose with Home Sharing connectivity. Some long threads on Apple's support forums found that iTunes creates huge numbers of open connections, which ultimately renders it unreachable. Since Apple hasn't come up with a solution and also the latest iTunes update (10.7) didn't fix it, dcarr178 came up with a simple AppleScript that monitors iTunes's open connections and restarts it, if it exceeds a number of 60 connections.


Copy iTunesMonitor.scpt to your user's bin directory (Users/USERNAME/bin). User the AppleScript-Editor to edit it and fill in the variables in the first three lines. Copy iTunesMonitor.plist to your user's LaunchDaemons directory (Users/USERNAME/Library/LaunchDaemons). Edit it and update your username. Add it to your permanent launch deamons: launchctl load -w /Users/USERNAME/Library/LaunchDaemons/iTunesMonitor.plist