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the frontend for

dsapi-ui provides human readable dataset / image listings with search and filter functions plus a (hopefully simple) builder for JSON files to be used with vmadm on SmartOS

The complete UI is build client side and needs no special server side technology. But you'll need an dsapi server or at least a JSON file with dataset listing to use the UI. By default this listing should be accessible at /datasets.

projects used


  1. install brunch npm install -g brunch (you'll need to have nodejs and npm already installed)
  2. install development dependencies with npm install
  3. build the project with brunch build
  4. upload everything in _public/ to your destination server

to do quick changes and test locally you can use the included web-server

  1. run brunch watch
  2. run scripts/web-server.js
  3. open the development version in your browser

a /datasets file is already included so that all basic functions should be usable

what if you did patches that need to be included?

fork! - and send pull requests