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Options documentation

Parameter Type Input/Output Description
agent Object Input Optional http(s).Agent to be used when fetching resources
ajv Object Input Used to pass the instance of the ajv JSON Schema validator from the validator to the linter
allScopes Object Internal Cache of scopes by securityScheme for validation
cache Object Input Optional cache of external resources
components Boolean Input Command-line flag to indicate unresolve information should be displayed
context Array Output The context stack of associated with errors in a validation step, you normally want the last entry only
debug Boolean Input Flag to enable debug mode, adds specification-extensions
direct Boolean Input Flag to indicate that only the converted OpenApi definition should be returned, not wrapped in options
encoding String Input Encoding to use when reading/writing files
expectFailure Boolean Input Flag to invert the status of a validation step
externalRef Object Internal When prevalidate is true, holds the entire object representing an externally $refd file
externals Array Output Information required to unresolve a resolved definition back into its component parts
fail Boolean Input Command-line flag used by testRunner
fatal Boolean Input Treat ENOTFOUND and 404 errors as fatal during resolution, otherwise returns empty objects
file String Input Used to pass filename back to testRunner
filters Array[function] Input Input filters for the resolver (e.g. to convert JSON schema dialects)
handlers Object Input Map of additional protocol/scheme handlers, must be functions which return a Promise
help Boolean Reserved Command-line flag to display help
indent String Input Command-line flag to control JSON indenting
isCallback Boolean Input Hint to the linter that we are within a callback object
jsonschema String Input Path to alternative JSON schema (in JSON or YAML) for validation
laxRefs Boolean Input No longer has any effect as this is now the default
laxurls Boolean Input Flag to validation step to ignore empty URLs
lint Boolean Input Whether to lint the document during validation
linter Function Input A linter plugin to use in place of the default linter
linterResults Function Input A function to return the set of linter warnings
lintLimit Integer Input Controls how many linter warnings are logged in verbose mode
lintSkip Array Input A list of lint rule names which will not be tested
mediatype Boolean Input Flag to validation step to check media-type strings against RFC pattern
nopatch Boolean Input Command-line flag by testRunner to unset patch
openapi Object Output The OpenApi 3.x definition returned from a conversion step
operationIds Array[string] Output Used by validation to track uniqueness of operationIds
origin Boolean|String Input true or a URL, to indicate an x-origin extension should be added to the converted output
original Object Bi-directional Used by testRunner to round-trip the original definition, set by non-object ConvertXXX methods
outfile String Input The output file to write to
output Boolean Input Internal flag to testRunner to write output openapi.yaml files
patch Boolean Input Flag to fix-up minor errors in the source definition before conversion
preserveMiro Boolean Input Flag to resolver as to whether to preserve old value of $ref in x-miro, default: false
prettify Boolean Input Flag to validator to generate pretty (but potentially misleading) schema validation error reports
prevalidate Boolean Input Whether to validate each externally $refd file separately
promise Object Internal Object containing resolve and reject functions for the converter
quiet Boolean Input Command-line flag used by testRunner
rbname String Input The name of the vendor extension to use to preserve body parameter names (e.g. x-codegen-request-body-name)
refmap Object Internal Used as a mapping between old and new $refs
refSiblings string Input Controls handling of $ref which has sibling properties. Valid values are remove (to remove such properties) which is the default outside schema objects, preserve to keep the (incorrect) use of sibling properties, and allOf, to wrap the $ref and the remaining sibling properties in an allOf, which is the default/allowed only within schema objects
resolve Boolean Input Flag to enable resolution of external $refs
resolveInternal Boolean Input Flag to enable resolution of internal $refs. Also disables deduplication of requestBodies
resolver Object Internal Used by the resolver to track outstanding resolutions
schema Object Input Temporarily holds JSON Schema during validation step
skip Boolean Reserved Used by tools such as Speccy to skip linter rules
stop Boolean Input Command-line flag used by testRunner
source String Input The source filename or url of the definition, used by the resolver
sourceYaml Boolean Output Flag set if the source string, URL or stream contained a YAML formatted definition
targetVersion String Input Used to override the default target OpenAPI version of 3.0.0
url String Input URL of the original definition, used when reading a file to create x-origin extension
valid Boolean Output The result of a validation step
validateSchema String Input Set to 'first', 'last' or 'never' to control ordering of validation strategies
verbose Boolean Input Increase verbosity, e.g. show HTTP GET requests
version Boolean Input Command-line flag to show version information
warnings Array Output Warnings generated by a validation step
warnOnly Boolean Input Do not throw on non-patchable errors, add warning extensions
warnProperty String Input Property name to use for warning extensions, default x-s2o-warning
whatwg Boolean Input Enable WHATWG URL parsing in validation step (default false)
yaml Boolean Input Flag to write YAML, default JSON (overridden by --outfile filepath extension)