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Extract paths, operations, parameters, schemas etc from OpenAPI/Swagger definitions.

Works with OpenAPI/Swagger 2.0 and 3.x definitions.

Usage: openapi-extract [options] {infile} [{outfile}]

  -h, --help             Show help                                     [boolean]
  --version              Show version number                           [boolean]
  --openai               make the definition OpenAI compliant          [boolean]
  --server               include server information                    [boolean]
  --shard                shard the input to an output directory         [string]
  -p, --path             the path to extract                            [string]
  -o, --operationid      the operationIds to extract                     [array]
  -m, --method           the method to extract for the given path       [string]
  -i, --info             copy full info object, otherwise minimal      [boolean]
  -d, --removeDocs       remove all externalDocs properties            [boolean]
  -r, --removeExamples   remove all example/examples properties        [boolean]
  -x, --removeExtensions remove all x- extension properties            [boolean]
  -s, --security         include security information                  [boolean]
  -v, --verbose          increase verbosity                            [boolean]


const openapiExtractor = require('openapi-extract');
const options = {};
// options.path = '...';
// options.method = '...';
// options.operationid = ['...'];
const res = openapiExtractor.extract(obj, options);

const map = openapiExtractor.shard(obj, options);

The options object takes the same values as the CLI, for these keys and default values:

  • path = ''
  • method = ''
  • info = false
  • openai = false
  • removeDocs = false
  • removeExamples = false
  • removeExtensions = false
  • server = false
  • security = false
  • operationid = []

OpenAI compliant mode

This option turns on the following rules:

  1. The description properties must have a maximum length of 300 characters