Bundle for Laravel which allows you to use xtemplate engine in your views
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XTemplate Bundle

A XTemplate bundle for Laravel. Thanks to sparksp for this sample file.


Install via the Artian CLI:

php artisan bundle:install xtemplate

Or download the zip and unpack into your bundles directory.

Bundle Registration

You need to register XTemplate with your application before you can use it. Simply edit application/bundles.php and add the following to the array:

	'xtemplate' => array(
		'auto' => true,
		'autoloads' => array(
			'map' => array(
				'XTemplate\\ViewLoader' => '(:bundle)/viewloader.php',
				'XTemplate\\XTemplate' => '(:bundle)/xtemplate.php',

You will also need to set some aliases for convenience:

		'View'       => 'XTemplate\\ViewLoader',
		'XTemplate'  => 'XTemplate\\XTemplate',


Your views folder will be used for XTemplate classes, with the original dot-slash notation untouched. You have to name your classes following Laravel rules, ie: for the path home.index the class name is Home_Index.

class Home_Index extends XTemplate
	const TEMPLATE = "template";

	 * Render the template
	protected function _render()
		// Access the div element via CSS selector ".hello-world"
		$this[".hello-world"] = "Hello World!";

The TEMPLATE constant is from the ComfortView class, it is used to set the file XTemplate will use, in the folder templates. You need to create this folder next to views in your bundle or application. The TEMPLATE file is located following original Laravel loading of views.