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@Merri Merri released this May 31, 2016 · 9 commits to master since this release

Following improvements have been made to the translation:

  1. Leader dialog has been translated up to Dido (in alphabetical English order)
  2. Wonder names have been changed so that Great Library and other Great wonders are no longer Great but use their most common Finnish equivalent, for example Aleksandrian kirjasto.
  3. All resources (bison and cocoa) are finally translated.
  4. A few message errors have been fixed (most notably connecting Marble).
  5. German issue has been fixed in a more targeted fashion.

Game always displayed German for missing DLC and Expansion strings. As it is very unlikely that Firaxis would fix this issue the language pack now contains English strings as-is in the GitHub repository. I didn't like doing this but since there is no way to fix the issue using XML files in Text folder I consider this "fair use". And you don't really do anything with this text outside of Civilization V anyway.

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