The code used to run <>, as well as the reservations script.
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This is a suite of various semi-related software concerning MersenneForum's
Aliquot sequences forum. Of most note is the website --
<> -- that maintains the current
status of all sequences less than ~5E6. Its primary script, as well as all
HTML templates, are included in this repository. The primary script relies on
the various other things located here as well.

The website/ folder contains the relevant HTML/JS/CSS/etc. templates and static
pages. The static pages are meant to be copied to a live HTTP server directory.

The website/generated/ folder contains the formatted templates and other data
pages generated by the backend scripts; they are also meant to be copied to the
live web server directory in parallel to the static pages.

The mfaliquot/ Python package contains a number of modules used for the backend
scripts. It has two subpackages. The theory package contains the and modules I wrote while I was talking a number theory course -- the
former module has a lot of unrelated-to-aliquot material, but has a bunch of
relevant stuff as well, which and in turn the website and other
scripts depend on. also contains various functions which can be used
to test sequences for possible mutations. The application package contains a
variety of modules for safely manipulating the primary JSON file which is the
main purpose of the website; it includes code for updating sequences from the
file as well as tracking reservations. All of this functionality is more or less

The scripts/ folder contains the thin frontend wrapper scripts to the
mfaliquot.application package, which are used to run/update the website, as well
as a small script to find sequences with drivers susceptible to mutating. The
primary site-deployment configuration file is also found in this folder, adjacent
to said scripts. The,, and scripts
are the two primary scripts, meant to be run from the crontab:

17,47 * * * * $HOME/mfaliquot/scripts/ > /dev/null 2>&1
01,31 * * * * $HOME/mfaliquot/scripts/ spider > /dev/null 2>&1
59 0,6,12,18 * * * $HOME/mfaliquot/scripts/ > /dev/null 2>&1

All three scripts can be run manually as well. accepts optional
arguments, which are the specific sequences to be updated at that time; otherwise,
it reads BATCHSIZE sequences to update based on their priority.
accepts "spider", "add", and "drop" commands; the first takes no arguments, and
spiders the MersenneForum thread and any mass reservations text files; the
latter two commands accept 2+ arguments: a name for which to add/drop sequences,
followed by the one-or-more sequences to be added/dropped.

The aforementioned priority system is used to update the sequences most likely
to have seen progress since their last update, under a somewhat arbitrary
heuristic. To first order, it's derived from
(days_between_last_progress_and_last_update - days_since_last_update), while
generally being floored at 0. Note that this means a lower priority means greater
importance, and greater speed to next update. To higher order, various discounts
and penalties are applied for, e.g., being reserved, having a downdriver, or
being recently updated. In addition, there is a relatively hard cap on the
maximum time between updates, currently 90 days. No matter how little a sequence
moves, it's guaranteed to be updated with a period no greater than that (roughly).
Reservered sequences have their hard update period cap at 14 days.

The automagic spidering of the reservations thread works like so:
Currently, any line with any of these keywords:
'Reserv', 'reserv', 'Add', 'add', 'Tak', 'tak'
with 5-7 digit numbers, is assumed to be a reservation made by the poster;
any line with these keywords:
'Unreserv', 'unreserv', 'Drop', 'drop', 'Releas', 'releas'
and 5-7 digit numbers is treated as a drop.

All code, markup, and text in this repository (save for the website/static/js/
folder, which contains external projects) is copyright by Bill Winslow, and is
licensed under the GPL. See LICENSE for details. Christian Beer has also made
notable contributions, mostly in relation to usability of this repository from
an admin and hosting perspective. They are very much appreciated.

Any problems can be reported via the GitHub issue tracker, or via the Mersenne
Forum discussion thread linked from the primary webpage of the website.