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A script made for RPG Maker VX Ace to simulate Undertale's "after-game memory".
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A script made for RPG Maker VX Ace to simulate Undertale's "after-game memory"


Just copy the script in a section above Main (right where RPG Maker suggests you to put it!)

Using the script:

The system makes use of two variables which you can easily modify in the script itself. You get to write on a game variable (one actual game variable) the info you want to pass. It can be anything! If you want to keep the Undertale idea as an example, it could contain a value 0-100 on your alignment in the previous savefile. Once you proceed to play a New Game, the game will read the variable from the latest savefile you have in the folder and will store it into another variable.

This way you can make a game "remember" some previous data. Of course with a little editing it's possible to pass more informations (i.e. more variables).

A suggestion on how to pass multiple boolean values through one single variable, though, is to use numbers that are power of 2 which is a quite useful method.

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