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Terminal Script Collection for CLI use.
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TSC (Terminal Script Collection)

A set of Python scripts for CLI use (or conky!), doing some boring automation.


The pip3 Colored library is needed. Install it with: pip3 install colored

The scripts

Put this stuff where you like! In your .bashrc, or in your conky configuration files, use them whenever and wherever you like!

  • defnotes is a CLI interface to write down events or notes in an json file and access them via monthlynotes which displays the list of events occurring in a certain month, and automatically deletes past events.
  • streamers is a terminal utility (most useful in conky!) that prints the current status (Online/Offline) of your favourite Twitch streamers.
  • schedule is a terminal utility which shows the daily schedule along with birthdays and festivities (needs some rework for use in conky).


Open the scripts and set up your stuff!

  • defnotes needs a PATH for the .json file.
  • streamers needs your Twitch username and the ID of your Twitch API (just register on the Twitch API website).
  • schedule needs a PATH for the .json file.
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