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Let AI transform your images

Installation: (run both client & server simultaneously)


cd client

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Start dev server
npm run serve


IMPORTANT: Download the model file on this link and put it in the server directory before doing the following.

cd server
pipenv shell

# Install dependencies (using Pipenv)
sudo pipenv install --skip-lock

# Start server with a category to detect
python main.py <category>

# Example:
python main.py person


You can start the server with one of these categories as arguments to detect them in your image.

  1. Vehicles:
  • car
  • bicycle
  • motorcycle
  • airplane
  • bus
  • train
  • truck
  • boat
  1. Animals:
  • bird
  • cat
  • dog
  • horse
  • sheep
  • cow
  • elephant
  • bear
  • zebra
  • giraffe
  1. Food:
  • banana
  • apple
  • orange
  • carrot
  • pizza
  • cake
  • cup
  • bottle
  1. Other:
  • person
  • umbrella
  • skateboard
  • laptop
  • tv
  • book


  • For some weird reason, you have to restart the server in order to transform another image. If you don't, you'll get the first image as output. I didn't have time to figure out why that happens.
  • You can't combine two categories.
  • By default, only the largest object will be detected.



Yeah. I know, I don't really deserve a donation for this tiny thing but here are my crypto addresses in case you're Jesus or just in case you want to support a 19 years old nerd.

  • Bitcoin: 1GUZ5w7A9PEu8TNrvKfAAaqhABUPW4RjfS

  • Ethereum: 0x56D6C69EC22Ee78A0454A165738A20a2e961385d

  • Bitcoin Cash: qz5mle4x2vjelax2c0wxhuprq5ha63w4xsj0r38g8s