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MWSE v0.9.5-alpha.20151016

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@Merzasphor Merzasphor released this
· 83 commits to master since this release

New in this version:

  • xGetEnchant now works with scrolls.
  • Added functions to generate random numbers. (xRandomLong, xRandomFloat)
  • Updated internal interpolate() function to use std::strings instead of fixed
    character arrays. This removes the limits on string length for certain
    functions (xLogMessage, xStringBuild, xFileWriteText). xMessageFix also uses
    interpolate(), but its string length limit is determined by the following
  • Fixed a bug where xMessageFix ignored the trailing "%" flag (null
    terminator suppression) when updating button strings.
  • Upgraded boost to 1.59.0.

New Functions:

float rand_val xRandomFloat float min float max
Generates a random floating point value from a uniform distribution over [min, max).
Returns 0 if min > max.

long rand_val xRandomLong long min long max
Generates a random long integer value from a uniform distribution over [min, max].
Returns 0 if min > max.