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ONetSwitch is an open Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform
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The ONetSwitch project sets up an open Software Defined Networking platform that make it easy for you to create new network applications.

ONetSwitch is an All Programmable open networking innovation platform. ONetSwitch is based on the Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC, which combines the software programmability of ARM processors with the hardware programmability of FPGAs. It can achieve a comprehensive experiment platform integrating calculations, storage, networks and interconnection by extension. Both its software and hardware can realize custom programming. Its reference designs are abundant and flexible, can be used to various researches on the evolution of network prototypes, and the development of customized network products. Especially, the features of the miniaturization and low power are adapted to the multi-node network tests and deployments.

ONetSwitch provides two open source SDN Switch reference desins available on GitHub:

Each reference design consist of open source FPGA RTL Code, Linux OS and open source software. The reference designs can be programmed in both software and hardware to fit your own needs.We have successfully raised $53,769 USD with 119 backers at Kickstarter.

ONetSwitch Hardware

Open Source Reference Designs

Getting Started with ONetSwitch

  • 1.Creat a New Partition on the SD card

  • 2.Prepare boot files on the SD card

  • 3.Set the SD card boot model

  • 4.Setup a Serial Console

  • 5.Power up and Running

ONetSwitch Software

ONetSwitch Tutorial


Please submit your bug reports, fixes and suggestions as pull requests on GitHub, or by contacting us directly.


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