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Guide Reference Design

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An ONetSwitch dedicates to networking applications, as what the product name implies. The 'All-Programmable' allows the users to get any of their inspiration realized by customizing the gateware and/or the software.
Reference designs here would help you

  • to comprehend the usage of board components in different cases
  • to avoid developing from scratch, especially for beginners
  • to share your mind and contribute to our community

The letter 'O' in the product name stands for 'Open'.
We invite you to share when in such complicated network development.

Project List

  • NIC
    A host running Linux with all Ethernet ports as its NICs.
  • Switch
    A traditional Layer 2 switch, running without Linux.
  • OpenFlowSwitch(SW)
    A vSwitch running OpenFlow, simply on a host with NIC.
  • OpenFlowSwitch(HW)
    A hardware accelerated OFS, with both HW and SW flow tables.
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