Synthesizing SQL queries from input / output examples
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Scythe: Synthesizing SQL queries from input output examples.

Scythe is a program synthesis tool that synthesizes sql queries from input-output examples. Scythe takes in 1) input examples: a set of input tables, 2) an output table and 3) description of which constants or aggregators to be used, and returns a list of SQL queries synthesized from these inputs.

Running instruction:

Here are the steps to run the tool on an input-output example.

  1. Download the jar file Scythe.jar.
  2. Prepare an example file containing input tables, an output table, and a constraint with constant information. An example file should look like these ones in the folder /data.
  3. Run in command line with command:
java -jar Scythe.jar path/to/the/example/file StagedEnumerator

In this command, "path/to/the/example/file" refers to your example file, option "StagedEnumerator" referes to the synthesizer used in synthesis.