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Eclipse plugin for integrating MetaEdit+ to Eclipse

The MetaEdit+ plugin for Eclipse provides integration between MetaEdit+ and Eclipse. MetaEdit+ is the leading Domain-Specific Modeling tool, so it seemed right to integrate it with leading IDEs; for more information on MetaEdit+ please see MetaCase's web site. The plugin allows you to browse MetaEdit+ models and use the main MetaEdit+ functions from Eclipse. It can also automatically import into Eclipse the source code generated from MetaEdit+.

The integration between MetaEdit+ models and Eclipse includes:

  • launching MetaEdit+ from Eclipse and logging in, opening MetaEdit+ projects and starting its API,
  • showing the MetaEdit+ model hierarchy in an Eclipse tree view,
  • opening and editing MetaEdit+ models from Eclipse,
  • running generators on MetaEdit+ models, and importing the results as Eclipse solutions.

See installation instructions, getting started and the plugin guide for details.

See the plugin guide for developers and the source code for extending the plugin further.