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Installing NEURON crxd Version

Matteo Cantarelli edited this page Mar 5, 2019 · 5 revisions

NetPyNE UI uses the latest version of NEURON with crxd support. Previous versions of NEURON will still work but the RxD functionalities won't be supported.

To install NEURON version 7.6.2 on Linux or MacOs run:

git clone --branch 7.6.2
cd nrn
./configure --without-x --with-nrnpython=python3 --without-paranrn --prefix="/path_where_you_installed_nrn/" --without-iv
make --silent -j4
make --silent install -j4 
export PATH=$PATH:/path_where_you_installed_nrn/x86_64/bin
cd src/nrnpython
python install

Note that this will install NEURON without iv (not needed for NetPyNE UI) and without parallel support. Note that currently NetPyNE UI uses Python 3 and the instructions above will install the Python 3 version of the NEURON libraries. If you want to customise the instructions above to install different options please refer to the official NEURON documentation.

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