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Core gepetto server functionality to be used in a django environment
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Python Geppetto Core

Python Geppetto Core Server developed in Django. This module provides the basic functionality to start a Python Geppetto Instance:

  • Basic socket communication (Just enough to start main Geppetto page.
  • Redirection for Geppetto Frontend static content.
  • Implement main view (Geppetto Canvas).

This is a work in progress and therefore, you will not find all the API (sockets and WS end points) available in the Java version.

This django module is thought to be used as part of a larger Django application which will contain any specific (non Geppetto) functionality. You can start developing your own project clonning Geppetto Django templated provided in this repo. Just follow the detailed explanation provided in the readme.


Stable version:

pip install pygeppetto-django

Development version:

git clone
cd pygeppetto-django
git checkout development
pip install -e .


Socket communication

Socket handling happens in Three methods are implemented so far:

  • ws_connect
  • ws_receive
  • ws_disconnect

Currently, three request are sort of handle:

  • client_id (on connection)
  • user_privileges (on connection)
  • geppetto_version (on message)

This is enought to load a basic geppetto canvas (geppetto.vm template).

Mapping (Controller) between url and python method is defined in This file will be referenced from the main application. See

Load main view implements the views in the application. Currently, just index is implemented and it only renders geppetto.vm.

Controller can be found at

Redirection for static content

A redirection in allows to serve the static content.

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