SDL 2.0 Textures Tutorial
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SDL 2.0 Textures

Wraps SDL Textures into a more streamlined Texture class for easy loading and rendering. Also includes TextureBank class for loading multiple textures at once, and a FileManager class for reading directories (with iOS support).

Build requirements
 - SDL 2.0 (
 - SDL Image 2.0 (

 - You probably want to use and build against 32-bit build of SDL
 - These project files assume SDL and SDL_image are located inside of "SDL2" folder and part of your search paths (SDL2/SDL.h)
 - Build files using a compatible c++11 compiler

This tutorial and code are property of:
Tim Jones

You are free to use this code and any included files in your projects (commercial and non-commercial), as long as you credit and the author.