(beta) Add MetaMask to your dapp even if the user doesn't have the extension installed
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MetaMascara(mascara) brings metamask when metamask is not installed.


MetaMascar is in alpha expect breaking changes

to use as a CDN put this script tag in the <head> of your html file:

<script src="https://wallet.metamask.io/metamascara.js"></script>

or bring your own:

npm i --save metamascara

const metamask = require('metamascara')
const EthJs = require('ethjs')

// mascara will use the environmental provider if the user brings one
// in the form of metamask extension, mist or parity
// other wise it will make one for you :}

const ethereumProvider = metamask.createDefaultProvider()

const eth = new EthJs(ethereumProvider)

// do stuff...


For development with metamask-extension/mascara to point the iframe at localhost just do:

const metamask = require('metamascara')
const ethereumProvider = metamask.createDefaultProvider({
    host: 'http://localhost:9001'
  }) // or what ever port you use

How does it work and how to use it:

Mascara is an iframe that acts as a proxy between your dapp and metamask core. The metamask core is the global context housed in a service worker, it does the key management for every dapp the user visits.