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Welcome to MetaMask!

If you're submitting code to MetaMask, there are some simple things we'd appreciate you doing to help us stay organized!

Finding the right project

Before taking the time to code and implement something, feel free to open an issue and discuss it! There may even be an issue already open, and together we may come up with a specific strategy before you take your precious time to write code.

There are also plenty of open issues we'd love help with. Search the good first issue label, or head to Gitcoin and earn ETH for completing projects we've posted bounties on.

If you're picking up a bounty or an existing issue, feel free to ask clarifying questions on the issue as you go about your work.

Submitting a pull request

When you're done with your project / bugfix / feature and ready to submit a PR, there are a couple guidelines we ask you to follow:

  • Test it: For any new programmatic functionality, we like unit tests when possible, so if you can keep your code cleanly isolated, please do add a test file to the tests folder.
  • Add to the CHANGELOG: Help us keep track of all the moving pieces by adding an entry to the with a link to your PR.
  • Meet the spec: Make sure the PR adds functionality that matches the issue you're closing. This is especially important for bounties: sometimes design or implementation details are included in the conversation, so read carefully!
  • Close the issue: If this PR closes an open issue, add the line Fixes #$ISSUE_NUMBER. Ex. For closing issue 418, include the line Fixes #418. If it doesn't close the issue but addresses it partially, just include a reference to the issue number, like #418.
  • Keep it simple: Try not to include multiple features in a single PR, and don't make extraneous changes outside the scope of your contribution. All those touched files make things harder to review ;)
  • PR against develop: Submit your PR against the develop branch. This is where we merge new features so they get some time to receive extra testing before being pushed to master for production. If your PR is a hot-fix that needs to be published urgently, you may submit a PR against the master branch, but this PR will receive tighter scrutiny before merging.
  • Get reviewed by a core contributor: Make sure you get a :thumbsup, :+1, or LGTM from a user with a Member badge before merging.

And that's it! Thanks for helping out.