The select attribute
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baumannsven Merge tag 2.0.7 into master
This is a bugfix release.

This release has:
- Add ignore the composer.lock
- Update file .gitattributes
- Update file phpunit.xml.dist
- Create file ctb.json
- Update file .travis.yml
- Remove key extra.contao.transifex from composer.json
- Remove cyberspectrum/contao-toolbox from dev
- Require contao-community-alliance/composer-plugin ^2.4
- Sort composer dependencies
- Update key ignore in .check-author.yml
- Update key exclude in .check-author.yml
- Update PHPDoc class headers
- Update PHPDoc file headers
- Bugfix popup widget fix issue #66
Latest commit f4e3c6a Dec 13, 2018
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.github Tackle #55 Dec 20, 2016
src/MetaModels Merge the autofix from the mini model Dec 13, 2018
tests Update PHPDoc class headers Dec 12, 2018
.check-author.yml Update key ignore in .check-author.yml Dec 12, 2018
.gitignore Add ignore the composer.lock Dec 13, 2018
.travis.yml Update file .travis.yml Dec 12, 2018
composer.json Remove key extra.contao.transifex from composer.json Dec 12, 2018
ctb.json Create file ctb.json Dec 12, 2018
phpunit.xml.dist Update file phpunit.xml.dist Dec 12, 2018

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The select attribute