Sep 18, 2018
Hotfix release 2.0.4
- Initialize attributes with empty values.
Aug 12, 2018
Hotfix release
- Hotfix bottle neck #1153 ToolboxFile.php
- Hotfix bottle neck 2 #1153 MetaModels.php
Jul 24, 2018
Htofix release 2.0.2
- Update language files
- Update PHP doc
- Chance DCA labels and descriptions from allowHtml, preserveTags, decodeEntities
- Encode email strings as contao standard
- Hotfix superfluous author(s)
Mar 15, 2018
Hotfix release 2.0.1
 - Bump dc-general minimum version
 - Sort PHP versions and optimize version detection
 - Correct SubPalettesSubscriber (See #1228 - Bug when calling the list of filter rules)
Mar 10, 2018
Stable release 2.0.0
In addition to all the changes in the previous betas, this release
contains the following fixes and enhancements.

- MySQL strict mode fixes.
- Many language strings are updated.
- Language strings for system columns have been moved from
  attribute_alias to the core (see MetaModels/attribute_alias#22).
- Support for responsive image sizes has been added (#1211).
- Optimization in backend CSS (see #1174).
- Bugfix in file sorting by file name (#1217).
- Huge refactorings in all places to finally reduce the complexity
  of all classes into acceptable ranges.
- Fixes for various minor issues and glitches (#1139, #1138)
- Add label and description for filter items (#1221)
- The URL parameter of filter settings has been moved to the
  "frontend filter" backend section.
- The search in "all languages" checkbox has been restored for
  searching in translated attributes (#1203, #1204).
- The "edit all/override all" button has been disabled for input
- Do not override multiple for table "tl_metamodel" (#1223).
- The setting "skipfilteroptions" in filter settings now defaults to
  "off" (PR: #1224, discussion in #1089).

- The feature "edit all" and "override all" which has been added to
  dc-general recently is supported now (#1196, #1098,
- Attribute types are now sorted with first the non-translated ones
  followed by the translated ones in the attribute edit mask in the
  type selection widget (#1219).
- The minimum versions of all dependencies have been raised to the
  current stable versions available.
Dec 5, 2017
- Add svg support
- Bring backwards compatibility for changes introduced in
- Replace the `\Database::getInstance()` with the proper database from the service container.
- Respect the "meta" array in the ToolboxFileTest.
- Hotfix add toggle published at searchable pages
- Hotfix issue #1154 delete standard chx at rendersetting an input mask
- Updated translations from transifex.
- Fix the problem if create an single attribute in the input screen.
- hotfix all a-tags underlined
- add CC note for icons
- Don't longer use the deprecated get options event from the multi column wizard
- Optimize ToolboxFile
- Optimize getIdsFromFilter()
- Also encode the parameter name
- Use single quotes
- Fix result access.
- Added improve backend information
- Hotfix add more info to BE wildcard string
- Introduce pre-parsed "html" node at item actions array
- Add language nodes for tooltips
- Hotfix for update to use per DCA overrrideAll
- Hotfix change sql in DCA combine to save Anonymous
- Delete unique for MM name
- Adjust the code to be compatible with PHP7
May 14, 2017
Update to work with DCG edit/overrideAl
Aug 29, 2016
Bugfix release
This corrects the cleaup in all tables when deleting a MetaModel (#1017).
Aug 11, 2016
Alpha release
The system requirements have been raised in this release.
We now require:
- PHP >=5.4
- Contao >=3.5.5 (but no Contao 4 support yet, sorry).

This fixes:
- We now use codeMirror instead of ACE (#992)
- An "ORDER BY" was missing in a query (#1020)
- Centralized the "add all" for render settings and input screens into a common
- ToolboxFile is now completely using the Dbafs. This should provide massive
  speed improvements for file attributes holding a lot of files.
- Page picker did not show the selected value (#1026).
- Various fixes in code style, comments and the like.