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MetaSeek is a data discovery and analysis tool for biological sequencing data.

Providing a rich interactive front-end for exploration of sequencing metadata from the major sequencing data repositories, use MetaSeek to find the right integration of sequences for your analysis, and then access the raw sequencing data.

MetaSeek also provides an API for programmatic access. See the API docs.

How MetaSeek works

MetaSeek scrapes metadata from the sequencing data repositories, cleaning and filling in missing or erroneous metadata, and stores the cleaned and structured metadata in the MetaSeek database. A python flask app serves this metadata to a lightweight, interactive front-end in React.js. For programmatic access, MetaSeek offers a powerful, flexible API.

How MetaSeek Works

A Demo: Using MetaSeek to find marine metagenomes in the SRA

MetaSeek demo

spin up your own local build of metaseek

clone the repo

git clone

we recommend creating a virtualenv with python 2 in the server folder

cd server/
virtualenv env_metaseek
source env_metaseek/bin/activate

install backend dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

start the back end


install front-end dependencies

You also need a global install of gulp, so do that

cd ../client/
npm install
npm install --global gulp-cli

launch the app