Estimation of extracellular fluxes and growth rate
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PhysioFit is a scientific tool designed to i) quantify exchange (production and consumption) fluxes and ii) cell growth rate during (batch) cultivations of microorganisms. Fluxes are estimated from time-course measurements of extracellular metabolites and biomass concentrations. An important assumption is that cells are in metabolic (pseudo) steady-state. PhysioFit includes the following features:

  • Calculation of growth rate and extracellular (uptake and production) fluxes.
  • Lag before growth (e.g. due to adaptation to a novel environment) can be taken into account and estimated.
  • Non-enzymatic degradation of some carbon sources (e.g. DHA or glutamine) can be estimated and taken into account when calculating exchange fluxes.
  • Sensitivity analyses are performed to estimate the precision of the calculated fluxes.
  • Evaluation of the goodness of fit and visual inspection of the fitted curves.