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This request is to pull Craig's MWM into the main branch. These changes include a lot of fixes, especially for the analog watch. See CHANGELOG for full details.

PurpleGuitar and others added some commits Oct 2, 2011
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Got it working
- Updated to use API 10
- Fixed warnings
- Made notification icon blank (I don't like ongoing icons in my tray)
- Added a poem :)
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Fixed problem where newlines were displaying as blocks on OLED 955c156
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Add option to hide notification icon 7b9c56a
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Remove silly poem. :) 39b495c
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Note that hiding icon requires restart 2b541d8
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Fix Gmail display, add Winamp support 4d75eb8
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Added support for Android 2.2 625a62c
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Changed music buzz to 500ms 98e85e7
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Improve thread safety b0d572c
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Improve thread safety b152b9b
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Merge branch 'master' of
@garthy garthy use constants for message type! 3ba0940
@garthy garthy add my new protocol to control music 89574c6
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Added experimental support for Calendar events. 461fe35
ChrisSewell Clean up 4c671d8
ChrisSewell New bitmaps by Prash 11ab81d
ChrisSewell Accidently threw the bitmaps in the root. Whoooops. 0c4b8fc
ChrisSewell New bitmaps by Prash e82552e
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated TODO. 9a27297
ChrisSewell Fixed a typo that caused the watch to display "SMS for" for an G-mail
ChrisSewell Added the ability to test Gmail notification to the test menu. 9425610
unknown Updated notification layout and fixed airplane mode bug b3feb8a
@AkiraYasha AkiraYasha Merge branch 'master' of
ChrisSewell New icons by Prash 536524c
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Update documentation
- Give credit where due
- Add some more ideas
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Scroll subject line of K9 notifications. 49021ae
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Scroll snippet line of GMail notifications. 7f5c615
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Hopefully display calendar text on digital watch. a2f037d
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Add debug option to pad short messages. b97c29f
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Fixed Gmail new message bug.
- GMail notifications are now sent only on receipt of new messages.
  This change fixes a nasty bug where the MWM wasn't distinguishing
  between new message notifications and unread count notifications,
  causing double notifications with seemingly random numbers on the
  watch.  Digital watch is probably fixed too, but is untested.
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated wish list. 9e3eff9
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Don't send empty calendar events. af7ce7b
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Added some debug statements to the watch messages. db50461
ChrisSewell Enable support for Winamp song change notification. abb948a
ChrisSewell Add the ability to Enable/Disable Winamp support from the settings menu.
Default is enabled.
ChrisSewell Winamp bmp by prash. b4581a2
ChrisSewell Add option to test Winamp notification 3f37a58
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Enforced synchronization for outgoing watch messages a392dc9
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Force synchronization of messages and notifications, and bug fixes. 3679864
ChrisSewell Scroll the subject for K9 email the same was that the SMS scrolls the
message of the SMS.
ChrisSewell Scroll the snippet of the Gmail notification. 711a602
ChrisSewell "Alarm Clock" doesn't fit on the digital screen with the current bmp,
changed to "Alarm!".
ChrisSewell Day one of removing whitespace. 0ae64a4
ChrisSewell Have the watch notify the wearer when the phones battery is low. c3f9bcb
ChrisSewell Created a low battery bmp for the new low battery notification. 877dbe3
ChrisSewell Add setting to enable / disable low battery warning. cbdc74d
ChrisSewell Add an option to notify the watch that the timezone has changed. 6c9418a
ChrisSewell New bmp for song change notification. b5547f9
ChrisSewell Changed order to be uniform with the rest 8c13e2a
ChrisSewell Updated the About section c367fb4
ChrisSewell Catch intents from an outside source 49299a2
ChrisSewell Add timezone intent to manifest. 292c109
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Only add notifications to the queue if the watch is connected. cecdbae
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Add album information to analog watch music display. 6fa761c
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated documentation. 1fa3e78
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Removed short message padding, added pause scrolling 6631d17
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Scroll GMail receipient for analog watch (Android 2.3+) cf88ddb
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Update docs 5db8962
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs 43dc9f6
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Moved scroll option to new analog section 60713d9
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Made buzz pattern for SMS messages configurable. b172b9f
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Made Gmail vibrate pattern customizable. 455379b
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Make K9 vibrate pattern customizable. a43b83a
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Made alarm vibrate pattern customizable. 2d83024
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Made music vibrate pattern customizable. b74103f
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Made calendar notification vibrate pattern customizable. 695e826
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Optionally send all notifications to watch, with blacklist. f592ec2
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs. 9415142
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Imported rmrfchik's connection broadcast code. Thanks! 10288de
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Added BeyondPod support. 43a4c0c
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs. b5808e4
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs some more. 1731fcc
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Make notification timeout a setting. 78d7fb0
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Possible solution to digital crash 77f9058
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Hopefully fixed digital watch notification crash. 2b082b1
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Hopefully fixed Gmail display bug. 03fe145
@Pedlar Pedlar Revert "Day one of removing whitespace."
This reverts commit 0ae64a4.
@Pedlar Pedlar Revert "Clean up"
This reverts commit 4c671d8.


@Pedlar Pedlar Merge git:// f5f16ff
@Pedlar Pedlar Fix build. 315472c
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Added text-based extras to intent
- Added some extras to the org.metawatch.manager.NOTIFICATION intent.
  All of these extras are Strings.
  - text: Displays text on the digital watch. (digital only, untested)
  - oled1: Displays large text on the top OLED. (analog only)
  - oled1a: Displays small text on the upper half of the top OLED (analog only)
  - oled1b: Displays small text on the lower half of the top OLED (analog only)
  - oled2: Displays large text on the bottom OLED. (analog only)
  - oled2a: Displays small text on the upper half of the bottom OLED (analog only)
  - oled2b: Displays small text on the lower half of the bottom OLED (analog only)

Some example notifications, as adb shell commands
am broadcast -a org.metawatch.manager.NOTIFICATION -e text "Hi there"
am broadcast -a org.metawatch.manager.NOTIFICATION -e text "Buzz!" -e vibrate_on 500 -e vibrate_off 500 -e vibrate_cycles 3
am broadcast -a org.metawatch.manager.NOTIFICATION -e oled1 "The Top" -e oled2 "The Bottom"
am broadcast -a org.metawatch.manager.NOTIFICATION -e oled1a "Line 1" -e oled1b "Line 2" -e oled2a "Line 3" -e oled2b "Line 4"
am broadcast -a org.metawatch.manager.NOTIFICATION -e oled1 "Hey There" -e oled2a "Wake up!" -e oled2b "It's time to get out of bed!"
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs. fd88c90
@Pedlar Pedlar Merge git://
@Pedlar Pedlar Fixes to the build f92264d
@Pedlar Pedlar Added ability to remove Weather line. d1fa1d7
@Pedlar Pedlar Modified Readme. e83e738
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Give credit to sesteve for suggesting intent change
Also, updated some docs.
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Merge branch 'master' of git:// bfbc3d9
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Incorporated changes from Pedlar, AkiraYasha and Chris Sewell
Thanks for sharing!
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs 0f1f0d5
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Fixed notification icon (or lack thereof) 21a94ea
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs. 1a75ec4
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs. f19c47b
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Moved weather handling into its own thread. 154298f
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Removed option to add pause before scrolling.
It was buggy and could cause notification corruption.
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Synchronized weather, added debug statements a975af7
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Added replay last notification for analog watch. 8cdb0dd
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs. 4393835
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Optionally log watch voltage to SD card 45b5119
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs. 75a520b
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Changed to every 10 minutes.
(Maybe I should just make it an option.)
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Added some voltage debug lines. c397482
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Restored option to pause before scrolling. d123a8f
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Made voltage measuring frequency configurable. 0614e1b
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Flush voltage data. 2a790bb
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs. 46cd2d9
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Fix bug where MWM service was a daemon. 1528b3e
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs. eaf3f2f
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs. 5577dbc
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Fixed application stop bug. 4407c53
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Fixed MWM crash on startup. a115bc5
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs. ec17844
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Fixed battery voltage timing. b3faf83
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Added a little more info to the voltage csv. 2aa0423
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs. 7006e43
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Fixed timezone bug, reset time on watch when phone time changes. 2d6de27
@benjymous benjymous Tweaks to the weather text to fix alignment, etc af74276
@benjymous benjymous Update README dc60c19
@benjymous benjymous Update README d05e1da
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated README. ba9e261
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Hopefully fixed some Motoblur bugs. 7efb4b2
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Make logging bluetooth packet details optional. 60527be
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Ignore notifications for ongoing events. 77239fa
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Removed custom label. bd6b599
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Ignore multiple identical music track updates. dd0dca9
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs. 06dd594
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Hopefully fixed MotoBlur alarm clock. a800095
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Hopefully fixed the Motorola timer. 8d4ecc2
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Optionally notify watch on after the MWM connects to it. 390fa6b
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Fixed bad build? Made vibe-on-connect default to true (debug) fd0e97c
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Set vibe on connect to false, update about 0da4c33
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Updated docs. 552f7a8
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Add compatibility with Android 2.1. 5018ea5
@PurpleGuitar PurpleGuitar Added support for Android 2.1. 2e93450
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