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Version Changelog
[TODO] Port Weather Script

Repo hasn't been updates, in fact, I have a crappy internet connexion so everything takes a lot of time, will be updated when my IC will allow me to do it.

A huge update will occur soon, waiting for issue 27 to be closed

Started to update the GIT, this is incomplete, as the project is transitionning to 0.3, I wanna be sure that everything is ready and bug-free.

#Current GIT Build : Unplayable.

/!\ /!\

This project is made for free and for educationnal purposes only as an attempt to learn how video game making works and for Fair Use. The Legend of Zelda, and all of characters, sprites, musics, sounds, content involving this franchise are intellectual property of their respective owners.

There is a lot of stuffs not uploaded on the GIT, I wanna keep them safely before the release of the demo. You will find some basic stuffs here and there though. You can take anything you wants here, but do not forget to credit authors for their works on the taken object. (See at the end of this readme). I decline every responsabilities that my scripts represents, if that make crashs in your project. They are still in their early phase. Don't ask me to fix the git if the file you downloaded provide errors in your quest, they'll be automatically fixed (and heavily improved over time), patience is the key.

/!\ /!\

This game is being made using the Solarus engine* Current GIT version : 0.3 Alpha Current Test version : 0.3.0.alpha (major, minor, test, state)

Global Progress : 25% Engine Progress : 80% Current public release version : Unknown

#Latest version:

#0.3 Alpha -September, 3rd 2016

  • Enhanced performances
  • Items: Massive rework
  • Music: added loop points (incomplete)
  • main.lua -> Manage Title Screen save (Previous: handled by a menu)
  • Tileset: WIP
  • Hero database: cleaned and re-organised


  • Shaders (Heat effect, clouds, etc)
  • Horse, with archery and sword, similar to Twilight Princess
  • Minigames, somes are already made.
  • Bosses
  • Item Skills

#This project use as ressource :