a collection of browser extensions to deal with the screeninvader in the lounge of the metalab.at :)
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ScreenInvader BrowserExtensionPack

The mighty ScreenInvader

this project contains various addons to interact with the https://github.com/metalab/screeninvader in the lounge of the metalab in vienna, austria.

this pack currently contains addons for firefox, opera and chrome.

each of them adds a button to the browser which on click opens the screeninvader interface and loads the url of the active tab. the chrome (and maybe the opera) plugin also provide rightclick contextmenu buttons when you click on an image or link.

work on konqueror, internet explorer and safari versions might start one day, but i personally am not in a hurry to boot either windows or macos ;p


to install it may be enough to leftclick the link for your browser below.

firefox: screeninvader_firefox.xpi

srware iron, chromium, opera-blink && goo-chrome: screeninvader_chrome.crx

if leftclicking doesnt work: rightclick the appropriate file and save it somewhere.

after downloading either doubleclick, or if that doesnt work rightclick the file, choose open with and select the browser you use to open it. an installation screen should pop up in the browser after that.

iron, chromium, opera-blink, chrome: point your browser to chrome://chrome/extensions and then drag and drop the file into the browser to circumvent the "apps have to be loaded from the appstore" error.