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A game in MacRuby and OpenGL developed during 2010 Super Game Dev Weekend
Ruby Objective-C
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English.lproj Fixing fullscreen switch (mostly)
Tests Initial import:
The Flying Camera.xcodeproj Changing all remaining old names of CtF to "The Flying Camera"
Enemy.rb * Fixing Enemy KI
Fullscreen.rb Fixing up render modes for windowed view
GameLoop.rb * Fixing Enemy KI
GameView.rb cleanup
Info.plist Initial import:
Movable.rb Adding Shot
Placable.rb * Fixing Enemy KI
Plane.rb cleanup
Player.rb * Fixing Enemy KI
README.markdown Updated README
Scene.rb cleanup
Score.rb * Fixing Enemy KI
Shot.rb Removing that annoying Ping sound for now
Team.rb cleanup
The Flying Camera.png Updated README and added screenshot
Visibility.rb * Fixing Enemy KI
main.m Initial import:
rb_main.rb Fixing up render modes for windowed view


The Flying Camera

It's 1929 and Howard Hughes is making his movie about the Great War: Hell's Angels. You are assigned to one of the planes equipped with a camera and your mission is to film the planes around you as they simulate their dogfights. Capture as many scenes with planes in action as you can to score, and always keep a watch out for the Red Baron!


Your camera looks out to the side and you can switch sides with the 'c' button. You can also 'p'ause the game and change the display of the score from binary to digital with 's'.

Release History

  • 2010-12-17: Version 0.1

Upcoming Releases

Follow our Pivotaltracker to see what features are to come next. If you run into a bug, feel free to create an issue in the github account or if you don't have a github account just send us an email.



  • nex for his insane math skills
  • meta for some OpenGL help
  • Julien Jassaud who converted a few OpenGL examples to Macruby

Any many thanks to metalab where this game was created during the "Black&White" Super Gamedev Weekend in December 2010. In this competition we not only won the category "Theme" but also took home the grand price.

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