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Look up whether the door is open!
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New Metalab™ feature: Look up whether the door is open!

Attention: This solution is temporary and will be replaced in the future by a door status on our homepage

There's now a Raspberry Pi at the door under (locally), (IPv4 Mirror globally) and 2a02:61:a2::d8 or http://entry.bä (IPv6 only) (globally) and publishes:

  • index.html – Nice and shiny interface
  • status.json – JSON containing the status

The JSON API will return one of the following values

  • status: boot – No status detected yet
  • status: open – Metalab is open
  • status: closed – Metalab is closed


Brought to you by Nico, Nini, Ripper, Phileas, and many other lovely Metalab people <3
Resurrected™ by Hetti

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