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CSC 490 Senior Capstone Project

The Study Buddy application will allow students in a particular class to communicate with other students in their classes and send/receive notes from the day.

Project Description:

When it comes to classes and absences, some people would rather be without the day’s information than to find someone willing to share their notes. This application aims to aide in that process by eliminating the face to face interaction, while making it easier to find those who were in class and are willing to share notes. Users will be able to go to the website and download the software. Once the software has been installed, the user will then be able to log into the server and enter codes corresponding to classes in which they are enrolled. The user will have the option to join a specific class chatroom and see all of the other students in the class. They will have the ability to speak to everyone publicly or be able to send private messages. The instructor for each class will take attendance for the day and that will populate a list of the opposite status based off the user attendance that day. Meaning if you are absent you will get a list of students present for the day to request notes from and vice versa. The user will have the ability to view pictures provided by other students containing notes from the day’s lecture or personal notes designed for the aiding of remote study sessions. In the future, during class time, each day the chatroom will go down and students will not be able to enter to prevent distractions and cheating.

Member Roles:

Jaee Carr lead the work for the database systems as well as the server side implementation. Tony Ratliff lead the client/server communication and worked on server side implementation as well as client side implementation. Trayvon McKnight lead the work for the graphical user interfaces as well as worked on client side implementation.


CSC-490 Senior Capstone Project. The Study Buddy application will allow students in a particular class to communicate with other students in the same class.



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