A Google Chrome extension that simulates how people with disabilities can experience a webpage.
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Web Disability Simulator is an Google Chrome extension that simulates how users with disabilities can experience a webpage. The simulator creates a experience that gives you a better understanding for the importance of web accessibility.

Web Disability Simulator contains the following simulators:

  • different types of Color vision defects,
  • tunnel vision or far-sightedness,
  • web in strong sunshine,
  • Parkinsons,
  • dyslexia or small vocabulary,
  • concentration difficulties.

Web Disability Simulator gives you

  • brief facts about different types of obstacles that people experience,
  • tips on how to build accessible websites,
  • links to websites where you can learn more about digital accessibility.

Install the extension Web Disability Simulator from the Google Chrome Web Store.

About the project

The goal of this project is to raise awareness of web accessibility and the different kind of problems users with a disability may encounter when using a web page.

This project was created by Metamatrix AB

License ISC

Version History

2017-12-01 - Version 0.1.1 Beta