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Chat sounds system for Garry's Mod (with extra sounds)

NOTICE 2020-01-13

  • Repository was rewritten and forced pushed on 2020-01-13. Commit messages, commits and files were altered or removed to attempt removing sounds violating GitHub AUP. You will have to force pull the repository to get all changes. You can use repo-reset.cmd to do that. better_profanity python module was used for the removal.
  • tl;dr: run repo-reset.cmd in the chatsounds directory
  • Please report any remaining offensive or otherwise GitHub AUP violating sounds you might find by creating a new issue!

How to install

Old alternative install method (not recommended to use)

How to install on server

Git clone or download zip of This allows players not to have to download the entire repo to use chatsounds.

Old method
  • Create directory garrysmod/addons/garrysmod-chatsounds
  • Checkout: to garrysmod/addons/garrysmod-chatsounds/lua
  • To see if you installed it correctly, you should now have garrysmod/addons/garrysmod-chatsounds/lua/autorun/chatsounds.lua file.

How to contribute more sounds to this repository

  • Read this.
  • We accept pull requests
  • Running the preprocessor is not mandatory anymore - if you don't run it, lists will be auto-generated about 3 minutes after you commit/push the changes

If you do not understand, you can ask people who have already added sounds to add them for you.

Want to preview or link sounds over the Web?

  • Check out the Web version here. (updates every 30 mins.)