Ingame chat reaction sounds
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Chat sounds system for Garry's Mod (with extra sounds)

How to install

How to install (alternative)

How to install on server (lua only)

  • create directory garrysmod/addons/chatsounds
  • Checkout: to garrysmod/addons/chatsounds/lua
  • To see if you installed it correctly, you should now have garrysmod/addons/chatsounds/lua/autorun/chatsounds.lua file.

How to add sounds

  • Ask people who have already added sounds to add them for you
  • We accept pull requests
  • Running the preprocessor is not mandatory anymore - if you don't run it, lists will be auto-generated about 3 minutes after you commit/push the changes

Want to preview or link sounds over the Web?

  • Check out the Web version here. (updates every 30 mins.)