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Clearwater Diagnostics Monitor

The clearwater-diags-monitor monitors the system for errors and collects diagnostic information. Diags are collected when:

  • A native clearwater process crashes (bono, sprout, restund, homestead)
  • An unhandled python exception occurs (homer, homestead-prov, ellis)
  • Monit spots that a process has become unresponsive.
  • Manually triggered by running /usr/share/clearwater/bin/gather_diags with sudo permissions.

Diagnostics dumps are written to /var/clearwater-diags-monitor/dumps as a gzipped tarball. The dump name is of the form <timestamp>.<trigger>.tar.gz. This can be extracted by running the command tar -zxf <tarball-name>

The diags monitor automatically deletes old dumps so that the total size of all dumps doesn't exceed 1GB. However, it will not delete the dump just taken, even if that dump exceeds the 1GB threshold.

Diagnostics collected

A diagnostic dump contains the following information:

  • Core files from the crash / hung process. Named like core.<process-name>.<unix timestamp>

    • For native processes this is a standard core file that can be examined in gdb
    • For python processes this contains the python stack trace.
  • Relevant logs and config files. These are written beneath the root directory.

  • Information about installed packages:

    • package_info.txt - details of all installed packages.
    • cw_package_info.txt - details of clearwater packages only.
    • <package>.md5sums - MD5 checksums of files in each clearwater package.
  • NTP status in ntpq.txt

  • Platform information:

    • lshw.txt - Output of the lshw command.
    • cpuinfo.txt - Processor details.
    • meminfo.txt - Memory details.
    • os.txt - Operating System information.
  • Networking information:

    • ifconfig.txt - Interface settings.
    • routes.txt - IP routing tables.
    • sockets.txt - Currently allocated sockets, as reported by netstat
  • Resource usage:

    • df-kh.txt - Disk usage as reported by df -kh
    • sar.<datestamp>.txt - The historical system resource usage as reported by the sar utility.
  • If memcached is installed:

    • memcached_stats.txt - stats reported by the memcached server.
  • If cassandra is installed:

    • cassandra_cluster.txt - current cluster details.
    • cassandra_schema.txt - current schema details.
    • nodetool_<command>.txt - the output of running nodetool <command>
  • If mysql is installed:

    • mysql_show_status.txt - mysql server status.
    • mysql_show_databases - summary of available databases.

In addition, the diags monitor collects diagnostics that are specific to the clearwater node type(s). These are stored in a directory named after the node type, e.g. bono_diags. The diags that are collected depend on the node type but may contain:

  • Node-type specific config files.

  • The results of connectivity checks to adjacent nodes that the node should be able to contact (connectivity_to_<domain>.txt)

  • If the node uses a cassandra keyspace, the details of that keyspace schema (nodetool_describering.txt)

  • If the node uses a mysql database, the schema for the database (<database>_schema.txt) and contents (<database>_data.txt).