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This repository holds the code for SNMP extension modules to provide stats and alarms for Project Clearwater nodes.

Project Clearwater is an open-source IMS core, developed by Metaswitch Networks and released under the GNU GPLv3. You can find more information about it on our website or our wiki.


It contains the following packages:

  • clearwater-snmp-alarm-agent: alarms for Clearwater nodes
  • clearwater-snmp-handler-cdiv: stats for Call Diversion AS nodes
  • clearwater-snmp-handler-memento: stats for Memento (HTTP) nodes
  • clearwater-snmp-handler-memento-as: stats for Memento (SIP) AS nodes

Building Project Clearwater MIB

The MIB for Project Clearwater is auto-generated from MIB fragments in mib-generator. To build the MIB, run mib-generator/ using Python.