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Project Clearwater is backed by Metaswitch Networks. We have discontinued active support for this project as of 1st December 2019. The mailing list archive is available in GitHub. All of the documentation and source code remains available for the community in GitHub. Metaswitch’s Clearwater Core product, built on Project Clearwater, remains an active and successful commercial offering. Please contact for more information. Note – this email is for commercial contacts with Metaswitch. We are no longer offering support for Project Clearwater via this contact.



Crest is a RESTful CRUD server built using Python on top of Cassandra. It is designed to be easily extensible and makes some assumptions about how you'll want to store your data in Cassandra.

In Clearwater, Crest is used to power the Homer and Homestead-prov components. See the documentation for these projects for more details. The common features and instructions for both are listed in this file.

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Crest is a RESTful HTTP server built on top of Cassandra using Tornado. It powers Clearwater's Homer and Homestead provisioning components.




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