Wordpress plugin for synchronizing events from epkalenteri.fi into Linked Events API
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Wordpress Linked Events epkalenteri.fi -plugin

Wordpress plugin for synchronizing epkalenteri.fi events into Linked Events API


Download latest release zip-file from https://github.com/Metatavu/wordpress-epkalenteri-linkedevents/releases and unzip the file into Wordpress /wp-content/plugins -folder.

After that activate the plugin via 'Plugins' menu from Wordpress administration view.


Plugin can be configured via Wordpress admin menu Settings > Linked Events EP.

API Settings

These settings specify how the plugin connects to the API.

  • API URL - URL into Linked Events API (e.g. https://example.linkedevents.fi/v1)
  • API Key - Key for the API. Request this from your Linked Events administrator
  • Datasource - Datasource for the API (e.g. exampleds). Request this from your Linked Events administrator
  • Publisher Organization - Publisher organization for the API (e.g. exampleds:example). Request this from your Linked Events administrator

GEOCoder Settings

These settings are used for GEO Coding addresses into components.

  • Geocoder provider - Provider used for GEO Coder provider. Use nominatim [default] or google_maps.
  • Nominatim Server - Nominatim server. Used only if Geocoder provider is nominatim. Defaults to OpenStreetMaps server
  • Google Maps API Key - Google Maps API Key. Used if Geocoder provider is google_maps. Should always be defined if google_maps proivder is used because otherwise the geocoder will eventually run out of free requests and start failing

Updater Settings

Updater settings can be used to define how often updater runs and how many items are processed in one batch.


  • [Place|Event|Image|Keyword|Audience|Event] update interval - interval for updater. One of hourly, twicedaily, daily
  • [Place|Event|Image|Keyword|Audience|Event] update batch size - Batch size for updater (e.g. 10)