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Version 3.9
Laurent Orseau, Kieron Hardy, 2012-??-??
- added: editor-canvas widget (Kieron Hardy)
- changed: Scheme->racket
- changed: output to frame instead of to console
- fix: tab-panel crash and removed need for single-panel
Version 3.8
Laurent Orseau, 2012-02-04
- added: can now take projects as command line arguments
Ex: gracket
- fixed: tab-panel child selection bug when empty child list
Fixes by Kieron Hardy:
- fixed: was not always removing tooltip on windows
- fixed: mreddesigner.bat : small DOS issues
Version 3.7
Laurent Orseau, 2010-07-26
- changed: images (files) are *always* relative to project base directory,
except if the project has never been saved.
- added: runtime-paths? property for projects: if checked, all files (like images)
in the generated code are defined as runtime-paths.
- added: images are loaded with 'unknown/mask for transparency on buttons and messages
- changed: ids are not provided by default, except for frames and dialogs
Version 3.6
Laurent Orseau, 2010-07-21
- added: code-gen-class property: the class name can also be a keyword argument
of the init function in the generated code
- added: false-or-number. x, y, width, height can take either the value false
or be a number, as they should.
- removed: moving the frame/dialog changes x and y, widht and height
(was more annoying than anything).
- changed: -> .ssd to avoid planet inject warnings
Version 3.5
Laurent Orseau, 2010-07-16
- fixed: moving carret in property text-fields
- fixed: bug of text-field-number (validation is now done on pressing update)
Version 3.4
Laurent Orseau, 2010-06-20
- hidden windows are not shown back when recreated
- added show/hide button
- untouched new project are not displayed as modified (and don't ask for saving)
Version 3.3
Laurent Orseau, 2010-06-19
- added template: login/password dialog
- added "show-at-init" option in frames and dialogs
- added post-code for plugins
- fixed: top level sub-windows are really destroyed
- fixed: windows are hidden until completely created
- MODIFIED: "generate file as..." menu item + "To <project-id>.ss" button
instead of asking each time where to write
Version 3.2
Laurent Orseau, 2010-04-06
- Fixed non-provided init function name
Version 3.1
Laurent Orseau, 2010-03-23
- Font editor uses get-font-from user
- Fixed bugs in loading projects
Version 3.0
Laurent Orseau, March 1st 2010
- Almost complete rewrite of the code
- Generic way to edit properties (even for styles and fonts)
- The mred-id% object represents the abstraction of one widget
- Generic way to add widgets, using a plugin system
It is almost easy to create a new widget plugin.
- Added templates: a widget + children can be saved to a template and inserted
anywhere else
(copy/paste and projects files use templates)
- Generic way to write the constructor code of an object
(fields can be aselected, or default behavior overriden)
- Every property can be an option of the generated code
- Added widgets: menus, dialog, combo-field
- check-boxes and buttons can have images as label
- Fixed grow-spacer-box-panel
- The hierarchy frame now uses a hierarchy-list%
- Can edit several projects at the same time.
(a project can even be loaded several times)
- Lost features:
- callback graph editor
- class options in the generated code
- move-one-up and down, but can use cut/paste
- copy without children
- generate only required code
(because widgets may have different default values than the MrEd ones)
Version 2.2
Laurent Orseau, January 10th 2010
- code generation creates a module that can be required as an external module
- evaluating the generated module does not initialize the frames and does not show them;
One must call something like (my-project-init), with the desired options
- callbacks and classes are options of the initialization method,
so that the application is fully parameterizable, and the file itself
does not (or less) need by-hand modifications. Suche things can be done in a separate file.
- the gui variables are `provide'd so that they can be used from the outside
- changed default option in code generation to "only required"
- toolbox-frame is now the parent frame of hierarchy-frame, property-frame, and callback-graph-frame,
so that (on Vista at least) there is only one tab in the OS app bar, and all frames are
minimized and unminimized at once with the toolbox
- in
* changed all the "special classes" to use a mred-id%% mixin
* changed module language to scheme
* changed hash-tables to hashes
* all default-preview and default-values are stored in an hash (toward a plugin architecture)
Version 2.1.3
- tooltips are added to main buttons
- fixed the no-border style for tab-panels
Version 2.1.2
- fixed a bug with widget cutting and pasting
- tab-panels are working properly
Version 2.1.1
- modified way how to react on the clicking in the preview window
Version 2.1
- new callback handling is added
- the id of a widget can be changed, except the root "project"
- Now it remembers whether a frame was closed down so it does not
pop-up when doing full preview
- in the graph editor window the list-box is resizable
- special callbacks are created for radio-box, check-box, choice and
slider, so by clicking in the preview the selection will be reflected
in the property window
Version 2.0
- new hierarchy widget, like a new widget type with separate internal data
- simplified and reorganised code for hierarchy widget and preview
- new type of property widget, specially derived classes
- style properties are handled separately by pull-down widgets
- when generating Scheme code, it can write max or min code
- Copy, Cut and Paste is implemented
- by clicking on a widget in the preview, the properties window will show
the properties of the clicked widget
- keyboard events are added to the hierarchy window,
Del, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V, Shift+Up, Shift+Down
Version 1.1.1
- The position and size of the preview is also stored and restored
17th April, 2006, Peter Ivanyi
- The GUI and functionality are separated for hierarchy
17th April, 2006, Peter Ivanyi
Version 1.1
- Hierarchy handling has been improved
9th April, 2006, Peter Ivanyi
- Updated for PLT-Scheme v.300
2nd April, 2006, Peter Ivanyi
Version 1.0
- Initial release
2004, Lozi Jean-Pierre
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