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Login and Sign-Up form components based on Uniforms and SimpleSchema2
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MeteorDemoApps - Uniforms-UserAccount-demo

This is a simple demo app for using React, React-Router, Uniforms and SimpleSchema2 npm module in Meteor.js

Is this for me?

If you like use Meteor account system and learn to create login and sign-up page with Uniforms and SimpleSchema2 then this project can useful for you. I try to create this basic pages in a right way with React components.


I try improve my skills with this project and need your help to improve this project so you can contribute with:

  • Answer my questions in Issue section about problems in this app.
  • Report existing bugs and issues.
  • Add some documentation or comments.
  • Or if you want to patch a bug or add some feature: create a pull request



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