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Signed-off-by: Ash Smith <>


Responsive Magento Theme
The responsive magento theme I’m building here is a slow moving project (a few commits per week I expect) the idea is pretty simple though, I’ll be modifying the Modern theme to be responsive, it’ll be redesigned slightly however the Modern theme is the heritage it will have and will be credited that way too.

This theme is only intended on being a starting point for your own theme development.

Currently the theme isn’t based on a modern theme, so I’ll be pushing my next set of commits in the next few days, these will reflect those changes.

I’ll eventually break of this theme into several branches so I can experiment with several different navigation methods and you’ll be able to choose which one you prefer. I’m more interested in getting the first version finished though.


  • HTML5 / CSS3 features (minimal on CSS3)
  • Responsive – From 320px up to 1200px (I’m using em based media queries but these are the equivalent in pixels)
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