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A Tumblr imitation I call Fumblr. Built with Next.js and Firebase. You can upload a jpeg, png or gif file.

View live at Fumblr


Clone the repository

git clone

cd fumblr

npm install

Setup firebase

  1. Go to firebase, click on go to console in the top right corner and log in.
  2. Click on add project, type in a name (google analytics not needed) and click on create project.
  3. Add an app by clicking on web button (</>), type in a name and click register app.
  4. Copy the firebaseconfig object, open the cloned project in your ide and replace the firebase/config.js data with your new data then click continue.
  5. Open the menu on the left, click on firestore database, click on create database, choose start in test mode and pick a location.
  6. Open the menu again, click on storage, click on rules and remove ": if request.auth != null" then click on publish.

Start locally

npm run dev