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A custom theme for Emacs, inspired by Has both light and dark variants.
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flucui-light-theme.el Add cperl-mode faces Nov 22, 2018

Fluc UI Theme for Emacs

Inspired by the color scheme provided at This theme is for GNU Emacs version 24+, in which theming is officially supported.

Both light and dark style are included.



Note: Nyan cat not included :-p


Install flucui-themes from Melpa, and call (flucui-themes-load-style 'light) (or 'dark) to activate the theme. The function flucui-themes-switch-style can be used to toggle between light and dark variant.

If you want to install manually, copy the flucui-*-theme.el files to somewhere in your Emacs custom-theme-load-path. Then either M-x load-theme<RET>flucui-light or (load-theme 'flucui-light t). Use -dark for the dark style.

The other directory contains the color setting for some other programs.

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