Configuration files for ESLint
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ESLint Config MAF

Configuration files for ESLint

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To use this from your IDE, use any of the following plugins:

Before SDK release:

  • check alle met timeout op API of correct ingevuld

  • also check listener removal in all apps again ButtonsTemplate EmptyTemplate ExtendTemplate KeyboardTemplate GridTemplate RSSTemplate TabsTemplate ViewHandlingTemplate VideoTemplate - test on STB specifically!!! VideoTransportTemplate - test on STB specifically!!! YoutubeTemplate - remove key!!! + test on STB specifically!!! Rooms - Needs fixing! VideoTemplate2 - remove from SDK RunnerHTML - remove from SDK Ufo - remove from SDK

    ui.AutoStart - remove from SDK com.metrological.ui.Horizon

  • discuss what to do with new rules when added?

  • discuss auto-fix enable on SDK?

  • discuss all other open rules in eslint-config-metrological

  • remove maf logs, remove strings errors

  • release to public maf-sdk, combined with servicemail!!! - come up with persistent solution for this.

SDK after initial release:

  • update shortlinks, make it load dynamically and in-memory cache or load from external github config file???
  • add service mail via webhook to github/dashboard for public sdk
  • use semantic versioning and commitizen friendly or use zeit/release?
  • use for changelogs
  • use workers!
  • performance optimization via async handlers for everything - all modules as well
  • code voor sdk server opnieuw schrijven met modules (die herbruikbaar zijn voor release server) en volgens release server process
  • nagaan of stripcomments niet eslint comments verwijderd
  • nagaan hoe om te gaan in het dashboard met eslint comments. En/of dat dit via code-review moet blijken.
  • make console logger maf into plugin formatter for eslint
  • make formatting of console output better
  • error grouping by type/rule?
  • make console output linkable via chrome dev tools workspaces - fix console mapping in maf?
  • try to avoid stack output of error... only (anonymous) @VM???
  • do including/bundling of file in eslint processor plugin - pre/post process - via maf module
  • add dependency indicators: david-dm, etc... for public sdk + config; charts.html?package=eslint-find-rules&from=2015-08-01 (image)
  • add badges;; -> functional + images
  • incorporate in dashboard/release server