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The Metrological Application Framework SDK enables you to develop TV Apps

Getting Started

The getting started, design guidelines and API docs can be found on our SDK website.

Create an App

Create a folder in the "apps" folder using an unique identifier

  mkdir -p apps/

Create the initial structure

  cd apps/
  mkdir -p Contents/Images
  mkdir -p Contents/Javascript
  mkdir -p Contents/Localization
  touch Contents/Localization/en-EU.strings
  touch Contents/Javascript/init.js
  touch Contents/metadata.json

Example Contents/metadata.json

    "identifier": "",
    "name": "My App",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "author": "My Name",
    "company": "My Company",
    "copyright": "Copyright Company",
    "description": "A description of the App",
    "keywords": "video funny kids music",
    "categories": [
    "scripts": "Javascript/init.js",
    "images": {
      "icon": {
        "192x192": "Images/icon.png"

Example Contents/Javascript/init.js which is the first script loaded from the metadata.json (scripts)


    views: [
      { id: 'view-MainView', viewClass: MainView },
      { id: 'view-AboutView', viewClass: AboutView }
    defaultViewId: 'view-MainView',
    settingsViewId: 'view-AboutView'

An empty template has been added into the SDK here

Adding the App

In the "index.html" add your App identifier to the "apps" array in the MAE object

  apps: [

Starting the server

The SDK contains an HTTP server using Node.js, please run the following commands from the command line:

  npm install
  npm start

The SDK can then be launched in Safari or Chrome pointing it to http://localhost:8080


Please read and agree the the LICENSE before using the SDK.


For support, please contact us via our Helpdesk.


Would you like to join our team? Drop your details at