RDK Emulator for testing your TV Apps
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RDK Emulator

The RDK Emulator enables you to run Metrological SDK Apps.

Getting Started


  • Download NodeJs and install it, if absent from your host system.
  • Download VirtualBox and install it, if absent from your host system.
  • Download 7zip and install it, if absent from your host system.

Depending on your host OS do the following:

  • On Linux open console and type "ssh --help". When this command is missing, install this package on your Linux distribution.
  • On Mac enable ssh-command (see how-to-enable-ssh), if this is not enabled already.
  • On Windows download and install Putty and/or Notepad++, if these are not installed already.

Clone the RDK-emulator-repository to your host-system

git clone https://github.com/Metrological/rdk-emulator.git

Get source from Metrological Application Framework SDK and install dependencies

git clone https://github.com/Metrological/maf3-sdk.git && cd maf3-sdk

npm install

Running MAF-SDK inside RDK-emulator

Startup node.js with maf3-sdk

NODE_PORT=8080 node sdk.js

This will startup the server with maf3-sdk interface.

Import RDK-emulator into VirtualBox

On Linux or Mac goto the rdk-emalutor-directory and join the four 7zip-parts of rdk-emulator.7z files:

cd ../rdk-emulator && 7z x rdk-emulator.7z.001

Uncompress rdk-emulator.tar.gz file:

tar xzvf rdk-emulator.tar.gz

On Windows see 7zip how to do this.

Import the resulting RDK-emulator.ova into VirtualBox.

In VirtualBox select the RDK-emulator and start it. Wait until the opening-page is visible (you will see the title Comcast Set-Top-Box-Developer-Edition at the top of the page).

With the LEFT- or the RIGHT-key, of your host-keyboard, you can navigate, respectively: to the left or to the right.

Navigate to the purple button, called "DeviceInfo", and select this button by pushing the ENTER-key. You will end-up with a completely white page with only the ip-address of the RDK-emulator displayed on it. Write down this ip-address somewhere (you will need it later).

By pushing the BACKSPACE-key you will leave the DeviceInfo-tabpage and end-up again on the opening webpage.

Lastly, by selecting Machine-menutab and then choosing Power Down item in the sub-menu of the Machine-menutab you can stop the RDK-emulator.

Okay, at this stage the RDK-emulator is also up and running. Perhaps a little background information is in order here. During the boot-process of the RDK-emulator, a RDK-webbrowser is started with an initial html-webpage, called menu.html. This file is located at /opt/www/menu.html.

On Linux or Mac fetch menu.html onto your host system:

scp root@<ip-address-of-rdk-emulator>:/opt/www/menu.html menu.html

On Window see use ftp-plugin of Notepad++ howto do this.

Open menu.html-file in your favourite text-editor and replace the <ip-address-of-host> in href="http://<ip-address-of-host>:8080" with the ip-address of your host.

On Linux or Mac copy the changed menu.html back onto RDK-emulator:

scp menu.html root@<ip-address-of-rdk-emulator>:/opt/www/menu.html

On Window see use ftp-plugin of Notepad++ howto do this.

Reboot the RDK-emulator and select the AppStore-button. You are now in the AppStore created with maf3-sdk.

Inspecting and debugging the RDK-browser with the WebInspector:

On your host-system open a webbrowser of your choice and goto the following URL-address.


You will end-up with a webpage with only one hyperlink on it. By clicking on this link you will end-up with the WebInspector-menu. Developers still new to the WebInspector can check out an introduction guide for more background information.

Create a TV-app yourself:

Now your TV-app development environment is ready, you have everything in place to develop, build and test a new TV-app yourself. Just jump to howto create a TV-app for a short introduction.


Please read and agree with the LICENSE before using the RDK Emulator. All OSS licenses can be found at OSS_LICENSES.


Would you like to join our team? Drop your details at recruitment@metrological.com