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Reiser4-enhanced Debian kernel packaging 4.14.17-1 with modifications to wrap around/build Linux 4.14.20 for AMD64 from
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Reiser4 -enabled/GCC6 Debian Kernel Packaging (wrapper) for Linux 4.14.17

Official 4.14.x iterations of Debian kernel packaging for Unstable (Sid) ended with 4.14.17-1. Accordingly, there is no Debian kernel packaging for current upstream release Linux 4.14.20.

Moreover, the currently available Reiser4 patch is for kernel 4.14.1+; thus I had to find a way to debianize for stretch-backports (GCC6) the last 'official' kernel packaging if it was to successfully wrap around pristine's Linux 4.14.20 for Metztli Reiser4 on AMD64.

Note: real time (RT) kernel has been disabled in debian/config/defines as its parallel build at debian/build/ location will merely slow down our reiser4 -patched linux kernel build. Also: Updated kernel Documentation/sphinx/ (making a backup too) to succeed in newer environments.

If you will be using this Debian kernel packaging hack, make sure to first to create a working directory, i.e.,

mkdir tlacauhtli

(yes, in Nahuatl ;-)

cd tlacauhtli

clone this repository:

git clone linux

make a symbolic link:

ln -s reiser4-debian-kernel-packaging-4.14.20 linux

(you will have a linux directory with linux/debian packaging directory)

With a text editor, (like xvi < > ;-), edit

xvi linux/debian/changelog

by locating the line:

linux (4.14.17-1) unstable; urgency=medium

and remove the number 17 and insert 20, instead, i.e.,

linux (4.14.20-1) unstable; urgency=medium

save your changes and download pristine source 4.14.20:


ln -s linux-4.14.20.tar.xz linux_4.14.20.orig.tar.xz

(this last link in 'debian way' is necessary for the packaging routine to proceed)

Download the actual reiser4-for-4.14.1.patch.gz for your linux source (downloaded previously) from SourceForge:

Note: apply this patch to your kernel, else your build will fail as no reiser4 source will be found.

Added bonus for Linux 4.14.20 ;-)

Likely fixed for Bug#885166: instability with 4.14 regarding KVM virtualization

since referenced commit:

seems to be already applied to Linux kernel source tree 4.14.20

P.S. YES! Bug#885166 has been fixed in 4.14.20!

... "If I used git correctly, then 4.14.20 already has 2a266f23550be997d783f27e704b9b40c4010292, so I tried 4.14.19. 4.14.19 on the one virt host that had the most violent failures failed in the first hour of operation, but with a slightly different error behavior that I was used to. I am therefore not sure whether we are not talking about multiple issues, one of them having been fixed somewhere in between 4.14.13 and 4.14.19." ...

Huelmati [Enjoy]!

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