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Copying Machine is for people who have a scanner and a printer attached to their PC. The idea is very simple; scan a document with a scanner and print the acquired image on the printer. Et voila: a real copy of your document.

Copying Machine works just like any real copying machine, but has some additional capabilities. For example you can save the images to disc so you can make copies of them in the future without having to scan them again. You can make a selection on a page in order to zoom in on a particular part. Another feature is that you can align an image so it is perfectly centered when printed. And with the latest version you can even draw on the acquired documents to hide some information for example.

Development of Copying Machine started in 1997. But Copying Machine 3 has been rewritten a couple of years ago. The code isn't completely documented but I believe that any programmer with moderate experience should be able to understand and modify it.


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