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MewX's blog reworked v3

The site is now hosted on Cloudflare Pages.

The fallback link is still hosted on GitHub pages.

Working in progress

In this version, I plan to use ReactJS + Googe Material Design UI + KotlinJS.

Plus, it contains two steps:

  1. v3.0 using Jekyll/Liquid + Googe Material Design UI + KotlinJS to build the prototype.
  2. v3.1+ upgrade the existing Jekyll/Liquid template using ReactJS with KotlinJS. The reason why I select ReactJS not VueJS is that I might need to use ReactJS skill to find a job LOL. I've taken a look at the VueJS framework, it looks nice but normal. Therefore, I'm still going to write the website under ReactJS which is the most popular js front-end framework currently.

Plans for current version

  • use svg icons
  • text searchable
  • github activities
  • social icons updated
  • copyleft and proudly using xxx :P
  • project pages with project short highlights
  • update-to-date CV
  • contributes to open source repo (with issue id)
  • check all friend website links
  • emoticon support!!! That would be funny!
  • fix link address (with slash or not should work both)


All history versions are listed below.

MewX's blog reworked v2

This version is modified based on a template upon Bootstrap v3.

Clean Blog template modified with my v1 Liquid template.

MewX's blog v1

Pure hand-written CCS3 and HTML codes, without any front-end UI framework.