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Walk through the process of updating an existing ASP.NET MVC 4 application that has been deployed to an Azure Website. Finish off by peeling back a deployment, and scale the website out using a 2 reserved instances.
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Update the ChirpyR application, Roll-it Back, Scale it

  1. Open the ChirpyR solution.
  2. Update Views\Homes\Index.cshtml and \Content\Site.css (line 205) change background color to #ff99ff
  3. git add -u
  4. git commit -m "made site awesome"
  5. git push azure master
  6. Highlight the efficiency of the git push. Only deltas are pushed up.
  7. Deployments tab > Redeploy the previous deployment slot.
  8. Scale tab > Free, Shared or Reserved, and number of instances.
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