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This is the main location for HaxeFlixel documentation. Pull requests from this location will be pushed to the live website periodically, so please help us improve the HaxeFlixel docs.


Main documentation

The main documentation is made up of * files in the ./documentation folder. Each file and folder starts with a numerical prefix specifying the order listed on the docpad website.

Additional pages can be added using the same extension and using a header specifying the title as seen in the other pages. Eg:

title: "Documentation Page"

Use Regular GitHub flavoured markdown for the page.
Note `title:` above is case sensitive.

The markdown syntax used in the docs is the GitHub-Flavored-Markdown, thus it's very convenient to directly edit the files via GitHub's web editor.

API documentation

Api documentation is provided in the ./api folder, they are currently generated with dox. You can view the API docs offline by running nekotools server in that directory and navigating to localhost:2000.

To generate the API docs yourself use the following method:

  • Install dox (for instructions refer to the readme)
  • Generate the API docs (navigate to api/dox-gen)
  • Run the xml/genxml.bat
  • Run the gendocs.bat

The docs will now be generated in the api folder.

Note this will use your locally enabled haxelib flixel versions, e.g. if you have haxelib git flixel set to dev etc.